This site was created in January 2016 by Skipp Topp and friends, and made possible thanks to our sponsors and many generous donors who were gracious enough to contribute money through a crowdfunding campaign to help us to obtain copies of the Steven Avery trial transcripts and case file documents from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Like many others, we became aware of and interested in the Steven Avery case after seeing the very popular Netflix series Making a Murderer, and we wanted to know more about what really happened in the trial.

All of the documents are from the following case:

State of Wisconsin v. Avery, Steven A.
Case Number 2005CF000381

All of these trial records were paid for through our crowdfunding campaign, with the exception of a handful of documents/photos that were either obtained and posted online by others or sent to us for publication on this site. As of May 2016 we have nearly 250 exhibit photos and 450 documents from the investigation and trial, totaling over 15,000 pages!